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View on Motovun Prenzana, cycling route

The village Špinovci is located in central Istria opposite the medieval Motovun, the nearest town to the west is Vižinada, Karojba to the southeast. Near the village there is the route of Parenzana, once a narrow-gauge railroad, today the bicycle and walking route. Not far away you can find the medieval towns of Motovun 10 km, Vižinada 3 km, Grožnjan 15 km, Oprtalj 15 km, Završje 15 km.


In the immediate vicinity it is possible to do a historical and cultural heritage tour to see for example the church of St Nicholas in Rakotule where you can find the 14th century frescoes or the old bridge 'Sabadin' on Parenzana route built in 1902. On the other hand one can choose from a variety of sports and recreational activities such as paragliding above Motovun, golf course at the foothill of Motovun, 'off road' and riding on horseback through the untouched and captivating nature of central Istria...

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