Three Hundred Years on the Red Istrian Soil

Franciscan cadastre

The renovated 300 year old house is surrounded with 13 hectares of cultivated land. The first written document in which our house is charted is Franciscan cadastre (1817-1840), the first systematic cadastral survey of the Habsburg monarchy part of which was Istria at the time. In the year 1998 we renovated the old dilapidated house and adapted it in order to make the 3 rustically equipped apartments and a restaurant with 50 seats.

Our Family resides here from the beginnings and all these years has been mainly engaged in agricultural production. The oldest vineyard is about 120 years old, and the youngest is 7 years old. We have been engaged professionally in viticulture since 2005 on 4 hectares of vineyards. Since 2010 we grow olives, at the moment there are 7000 olive trees. On the rest of the 4 hectare agricultural plots we produce for the needs of the restaurant (wheat, vegetables, fruit, fodder...).